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I guess location would depend lots on how close or far you want to be from work. RS is right about Four Corners (the map version) or better know around here as "FawCawnahs" LOL. From FawCawnahs I would head over Manor Road towards Rockland Ave. and to the Egbertville / New Dorp / Oakwood / Richmond Town areas...still lots of wooded area in and around the homes this is better knows as the South Shore area, it has good public transortation (as does most of StatNisland) with ez access for heading to "The City" for a night at the Theatre of some night nightclubingub. Good shopping and GREAT eateries all oVa da place along with lots of my family & friends :)) "they bark loud but they're soft as mush" ROFL - when ya run into them, tell them I send a BIG HUG from a South.

HEY! MCP r u gonna be renting or purchasing? Send me and e-mail and I'll see if I can help ya out.

Best "Moving" Wishes to ya

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