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Somehow this reminds me of an ancient Greek play. I think it's called "Lysistrata," and I forget who wrote it. What I remember is only one thing, which is its point.

It seems the women are all sick and tired of the men running off to war and getting killed all the time, husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, lovers, etc., all the good things that men are, or can be.

So the women decide to teach the men.

The women decide to withhold the one thing that will get the men's' attention, their love.

But for some reason, which I forget in the play, the plan doesn't work. Maybe they can't get the women to stick to their plan for long, there are defections, and the like.

So the good plan fails and we still have war, to this day.

Good luck on your "no gas on the thirtieth" plan.

Let us know how it turns out.

I wonder if gasoline is more valuable than a woman's love.

I suppose it depends on the car.

Surprise me.


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