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I remember Miller's Pharmacy when it was across the street with all the other old buildings. That was before they and the houses were torn down along with the old race track to make way for the Stapleton Projects. Doc Miller was a good man and stayed open late - more than you can say for pharmacies today. One of his workers, Helen Schulz, now deceased, was my next door neighbor. Doc Cantor's was my favorite place for "screams". I had a crush on an "older man" who was probably all of 15 or 16 at the time who was the soda jerk. Phil's was great. We would go home for lunch from P.S. 14 and stop off there for candy on the way back. You know, a few cents bought you a bag. I attended P.S. 14 from about 1955 (kindergarten) until the 7th grades upward were incorporated into the new J.H.S. 49 of which my class, 1963 was the first graduating class. Who remembers the dances at Immaculate and Fr. Thiesen? or the drug store next to Woolworths with the soda fountain and booths? How about the pizza place near Phil's?

Christine Roberts

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