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rs...You're welcome for the link...and is a very nice one! I also agree that it's wonderful to just let the "rules" go sometimes and enjoy! My personal rule of thumb in life is: If no one is "hurt" by it...GO FOR IT! I think that certainly applies to this situation.

Regarding the "ethnic cleansing" going on: It's a disgrace and a travesty to all that mankind could and should be. It makes me heart sick to even think about it and I cannot comprehend that it's even occurring. It's like being stuck in a bad nightmare.

As you so aptly expressed, we are but ONE people when you view things from the big picture! We do indeed share the same Moon, Earth...and everything else for that matter. Nothing..and No one...exists in a vacuum. We should be looking inward...and finding the ties that bind us....not outward and finding what makes us different. :-(

Blue too....

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