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That's the link to "Sky and Telescope" magazine's website, and a very nice one indeed. Thanks, didn't know it was there 'til now. BTW, even the N.Y. Times wrote an editorial on the "blue moon" definitional question. As Jimmy Durante used to say, "Everybody wantsta getinta da act."

Entitled "A Moon for the Misinformed," the Times editorial says that last Wednesday's blue moon might not have been so blue after all.

The thrust of it is that we might just as well forget about trying to nail the definition technically and have fun, instead, using "blue moon" metaphorically, which is just what I was about to do before I was interrupted from my blissful ignorance by this welcome tempest from the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, followed by Cruise missiles on Belgrade.

Here we are all living under the same moon, and treating each other like we were from some other planet, or just from Earth. Blue indeed. -rs

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