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My first name is Jim and Obermeyer is the last. I grew up on Burden Ave and I went to St. Adalbert's School before PR. I didn't know your piano teacher. How long did you take lessons. I used Ed Moran from PR for a while and than I used Mr Pascacello on Beekman St. But now I find that I play alot like Richie does...I guess he taught me more than I knew. I'm into the piano bar thing now and occasionally play weddings. I don't do it full time but in a few years after the boys are on there own I think I might like to. I was voted most musical for the class of 72 at PR. I know Jimmy Macs place real well...I use to take my Uncle Pep there for happy hour.
You should check out the SI Photo Album. I think Art is the creator of that. You may recognize me.
Let me tell you about the name Dadoo. I was a single parent for about six years and me,Samuel and Andrew are very tight. As you know they are identical. You may have heard about twins who have developed there own language when they are young, well Dadoo is the name they called each other and till this day that's how they address each other. But since being eleven they are a bit more cooler now so they shorten it to Dad but it's pronounce like a Dod. I couldn't think of a nick for the puter so i stole there's. It's strange cause they don't get it...I don't think they are aware that they call each other that. They don't like to be called that by anyone else. I believe there pic is in the photo album also. Well more later got to go.

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