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Hi!!!! Whoa! Now you've mentioned Deninos! *S* Did you know that Deninos has some kind of a coffee/dessert thingy now? They still serve Pizza
(to the best of my knowledge) but they also do the other too! I guess you could say they've expanded their horizons! ???? *S* Also noteworthy is
that the man that owned Denino's had a brother....Johnny Denino. Johnny Denino (from what I know) use to work with his brother ...but then his
nephew Jimmy opened Jimmy Max Pizzeria on Watchogue Rd. Pop (That's what we called Johnny) worked in the kitched in Jimmy Max, until he
passed on in 1996. Joey (Jimmy's brother) also owns a restaurante or two. They might even own the Parsonage together...but you probably don't
know about that one....since you're not living here anyone and it's not that old.

Regarding Richie and the bass player: Do you mean George Marcinak???? If you do...I was going to ask you about him! *LOL* For some reason I
seem to recall a group with George Marcinak, Richard Knelling, (maybe) Richard Neitzel and Richie Was. YES??? I guess of course that you were
also in it!

You know...I didn't know that Richie was that good! I mean...I knew it from hearing him....but I thought that was just my opinion! *S* DANG! Now
I'm REALLY glad that I never played the piano in front of him! *LOL* I can however follow/match anyone VOCALLY! *S* Since he had a good
sense of rhythm....we can also call that reason #2 why it was a good thing that I never played in his presence! *LOL* I do want you to know however
that I consider this a "gray" area! My Piano teacher said she was going to string a metronome around my neck! *LOL* I said that I did have a
sense of rythme...just a non~conventional one! *S* My Piano teacher btw was Mrs. Reilly on Neal Dow Avenue. Did you know her...or of her? She
was a FANTASTIC lady....and I know I made her absolutley NUTS! My love of music runs the gamut. I can listen to Savage Garden one minute and
switch to Gregorian Chant the very next! As I said...I made the poor woman NUTS! I will say this though.....she DID let me play "The Age Of
Aquarius" (I was ALWAYS ~Metaphysical~!) from Hair for a recital. *LOL* She shook her head an awful lot...but she let me play it! *LOL* I
played "Fur Elise" for my other kind of ~balance~ it out! *S*

Re Tenessee: How nice! Do you like it there? I have a good friend in TN and I love him dearly! He's a Professional Astrologer! (Of course!
*LOL*) I also have other friends who have been going there a lot for business reasons! It's a GREAT place to be if you have Musical aspirations!
*S* Have you tried to further yours there? My friends are working with Garth and Reba! It's pretty exciting! *S*

I'm glad to hear about your new found happy personal life! Isn't the internet marvelous???? I wouldn't trade the countless days and nights.....nor the
many wonderful people that have crossed my path as a result of it.... for all the money in China! I've been a member of a particular web site for about
3 1/2 to 4 years now....and we've all been through EVERYTHING together. *Sigh* I've met many of them in person too as we have ~Gatherings~
all the time! We're having another one sometime in June in New Hamphire. It's literally another ~*Home*~! *S* I've had my own string there
(called ~*Heart and Soul*~) for about a year and 4 months now...and it's nothing short of PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!! People have come from all
corners of the Universe to be a part of it...and ~*Heart and Soul*~...we don't see boundaries...we're like...ONE! *S* In the past 5 months
....we've already gotten over 3100 posts in it! *S*

Oh well, as you can see....I'm VERY long winded *LOL* I'll now take my leave! DO call Richie....and tell him Hello from me when you do! (I
just hope he remembers me! *LOL*) And re the name "Obermeyer": Is that what your last name is? I think I might remember it!
I guess there's a a mental block on the first name all I keep getting is Richie! *S* It must be all of this "Richie" talk! *LOL*

Re your reading: YES! I have seen a lot in it already and I will most definetely send the info by E-mail! Just to let you know....*S* the best of
my recollection....You're a Pisces Sun, Leo Moon, and you have a Virgo Ascendant! I'll explain it the E-mail!!!!

ByeBye for now!

Love & Light to You and Yours~~~*

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