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Hello, Ok Beno Casa Nova was at Richmond and Burden...I should know I lived on Burden. Across the street from Casa Nova's was Crest Cadillac. Ralph's was one block up before you got to Deninos. You have to remember Deninos they have the best pizza on Staten Island
(maybe the world)
Ok Donna I think we might possible recognize one another. I played with Richie for a while and there was another bass player named George. Richie is a phenomenal musician. First of all he is gifted with perfect pitch. The God's honest truth if you threw a basketball over the keyboard he'd tell you every note that it hit. I've seen him drive the best of them crazy. Also gifted with an incredible sense of rhythm. But aside from all that Richie was just a great dude. His wife is really a great lady also. I think I'm gonna call him up. It's been about 8 years since I've seen him.
I live in Tennessee now. My sons are eleven years old. I just remarried last Sept. to a wonderful woman I met on the internet. And it really remarkable how's it's working out. I own a furniture re finishing business in Rogersville TN called Obermeyer's Furniture Refinishing. And I've seen good times and bad times...but right now things are good. I hope your sending my reading via email. Let's keep in touch I know we're sure to find someone else we both know. have fun and things

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