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Oh Wow! Thank You Art! I must confess that I'm really bad about reading instructions too! The information (as well as the fact that it relieves me from that oh so
boring task *LOL*) is greatly appreciated!!!!! Now I just have to hope & pray I can pull it off! *LOL* I think I may start a "Practice" string! *S* I've often
wondered why there isn't more html fiddling around here!

BTW....I did not know that you were dyslexic! BRAVO to you for all that you've accomplished in life in spite of it. Besides having a Daughter with a Learning
Disability :-( (not dyslexia) I have also tutored many children with them and you guys sure do have an extra boulder on the road of life! Again, BRAVO!

BTW.....I'm almost ashamed to admit that I don't have a learning disability! I guess.... I'm just plain lazy! *LOL*

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