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I'll give you the inverse of the bunny rabbit and the cop story.

The cops arrest a guy for murder, but they need a confession, otherwise they have no case that'll stick. But the guy won't talk. So they offer the fellow a drink, which he's pleased to knock back.

Meanwhile, one of the cops goes out and comes back dressed in a big white bunny costume, complete with long ears, carrying a big orange stick that looks just like a carrot.

"Whap, whap, whap." Next thing you know, the guy confesses.

Next thing that's supposed to happen is the defense attorney is supposed to make a motion to suppress the confession on the grounds it was made involuntarily because of police coercion.

All he has to do is put his client on the stand to tell the judge the Easter Bunny beat it out of him with a big orange carrot after he'd had something to drink.

See, there is justice. -rs

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