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Over the years I have met many interesting people. One that comes to mind this time of year is "Ski". Ski was a 1st. class in the Navy. He served 23 years and retired as such. He never made Chief. It was not because of his technical skills, let's just say that he was a "free spirit".

Ski had a heart of gold. Each year there would be an Easter Egg Hunt for the children on the base. One year Ski volunteered to be the Easter Bunny. As such he went to one of the local costume shops and rented a bunny outfit. Now Ski was a big man, six feet plus. As such he made an imposing rabbit.

On that given day he played the role, giving an Easter basket to each of the children. Being late afternoon Ski decided to stop at some of his favorite haunts. Since he did not bring a change of clothes he started bar "hopping" in his outfit. He even had a few baskets left over.

One place was far from being "up town". As he sat down at the bar he noticed that the "gentlemen" next to him was draped over the bar. That individual gradually turned his head toward Ski. He rubbed his eyes, sat straight up, and fell backwards off the stool. He scampered out of the bar with, probably, visions of Harvey.

The night eventually turned into early morning. Ski headed home. A block from his house he was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. When the Officer asked Ski to step out of his vehicle his reaction was: "Who are you? Better yet what are you?" After Ski's explanation, the officer said he would follow him home. At his house, before going inside, Ski went back to thank the Officer. The Officer replied: "It's more for me than for you. What do you think my Desk Sergeant would do to me if I told him I stopped the Easter Bunny for a DUI? He would put me on psychiatric leave. More important, the media would pick up on this and how would I explain to my 4 year old daughter I had arrested the Easter Bunny? Get inside!" Ski gave one of his left over baskets to the Officer for his daughter.

So, this Easter, if you run into a six foot Easter Bunny named "Ski" tell him I said to say hello!

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