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Sheesh do I know what you mean about the not remembering! That doesn't mean we're getting old though! It just means that with this multi~tasking
world we live in....we have to pay the price somewhere! (And I said that as if I meant it too! *LOL*)

So you and Richie were great friends???? Wow! I wonder if I know you then! If not well, at least by "sight"!

Guess what? I got engaged in the Casa Nova! *Sigh* That was always our (my Husband and I) favorite retaurante!!!! That's too cute about
auditioning over the phone! I love to sing....and sometimes we "Harmonize" over the phone! *hehehe* Did you know the rest of his "pack"??? I
think he and a few of the others had a band at one time! Unless he wasn't part of that! It's kind of hard to bring your piano around with you
*LOL*...and those were "pre" electronic keyboard days!

I wonder if he went to the reunion last week! I'll have to snoop around and find out! *LOL* I know of another classmate that lives on Livermore
Avenue too! She had just moved in around the time of our classes last reunion.

Re you are Richie both having twins: Congratulations to both of you! *S* That must have been a neat but expensive surprise in your life! *LOL*
Guess what? I play the Piano too...although after I heard Richie play *chuckle* can bet your boots I never did it in school! *LOL*
least not when he was around!

Do you belong to the Parents of Twins thingy? I think they have one on the Island! That your twins are identical is awesome! I've always been
intrigued by manifestation of ~twinship~! *S* In the Metaphysical Arena....people are always searching for their "ASTRO TWIN"! *S* An Astro
Twin is someone who was born on the same day and year as you were. There are many testimonials out there about the parallels in the lives of those
that share that bond! *S*

Re Barry Braverman...YEP! I remember him! He's your age right? I'm pretty sure I always remember him being a year older than I was! *S*
That's pretty awesome about the PBS human interest story and about you doing the music! Speaking of which...have you ever worked with the
program called: Cakewalk??? WOW! For music lovers like you and I...this is ~Heaven~!!!! I'm working on a few original compositions right now
...for my web site! *S* There isn't anything this program won't do! It even writes the sheet music for you!!!!!!!

Re the Holdens: Al doesn't sound familiar but Frank most definetely does....but to tell you the truth...I can't put either a face or a scenerio to the
name! YIKES! I am loosing my memory!

Re the E-mail you got this Morning: *VBS* Thanks for the lovely words to whomever it was that said that......and......

I shall be back! BTW...You're a Pisces just like TOMDGIMP!!! Awwwwww to bad I didn't know before! We just missed your Birthday!!!! Oh
well, I hope you had a GREAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *S*

Okey Dokes! I'll be back later...with the info!!!!

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