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It's been so long I'm having trouble remembering my own name. I remember Richie cause we were great friends. I remember getting him a job at the Casa Nova Restaurant playing piano. I new the owner and Richie actually audition over the phone and got the job. He was also a good paddle ball player. Yes I still think he lives on Livermore, he and his wife bought a house and I believe they have twins. That's two things me and Richie have in common, we both play piano and both have twins. I have identical twin sons 11 years. We have a pic in the SI photo album.
The bike shop owner was named Murray Braverman and the shop was called Murita Cycles. There was a movie made about him in the 70's called Murita Cycles. It was shown on PBS and did pretty well overseas as a human interest story. I know a lot about it cause Barry made it and i did the music. Do you know any of the Holdens...Al or Frank?
Well anyway I got an email this morning that said I should send you the date and time of my birth and you will amaze me. So it's March 15, 1954 at 5:06 PM.
take care Donna if I can jog my memory anymore I'll think of some of names.

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