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Hi Dadoo!

Yesssssssssssss I did know Rickie Wisniewski! Absolutely! I knew him very well too! BTW I'm not quite positive that I spelled his name right either but I did just
get it straight from my Year Book and since I was one of the Biography Editors for it...*LOL*....I'm praying it's correct! Does Richie really live on Livermore
Avenue now? If so, wow! That's the street that I lived on too! My Mom still lives there and I only moved around the corner! *S*

When you say Richie was a great "player" do mean Piano player right? I remember so clearly standing around the piano and watching/listening to him play!
*S* Boy! I'd almost forgotten about that until you jogged my memory! Thank You! *S*

Re the bike shop: I know the bike shop well...but for the life of me I can't recall either the name of the guy who had it or even what the name of the shop was!
Shoot! I hate when that happens!

Anyway! So who else do you know from my class? I know all of them! *LOL* In fact, just last week we had another reunion (which I couldn't make) ...but I did
make the 20th! That one was GREAT! Did you go to any of your Reunions?

You know, I'm quite sure I must also know a lot of people from your class too! *S* Were you in any of the clubs???

Oh well, I know I get quite verbose so I'll cut it here for now.....*S*

Thank You for your nice words re the Astrology....they are much appreciated.... and any time you want your chart done...just say the word...and it's yours! *S*

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