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Hey Bob....High Five! You had to know that this was going to be right up my alley! *LOL* I do anagrams all the time and...I SWEAR I was going to post some Anagram stuff today myself! So! Now I will! *S*

Get a load of this:


A Chronological Story in Complete Anagrams of

"Orenthal James Simpson"

OJ, He Seminal Sportsman

Host OJ, Primal Meanness

Mr. OJ, Meanness, Hospital

OJ, Immense Sharp Talons

Heisman Plot, Snare Ms. OJ

Moonlit James Sharpens

"Immense Harlot!" OJ Snaps

OJ Slashes Prominent Ma

Heisman Person Jolts Ma

Inept OJ Slashes Mom, Ran

She Enjoin Mortal Spasm

Ms. OJ's Ron, Lame Thespian

I'm OJ, Slashes Neat Ron, PM

Hapless Ron Join Tame Ms.

Patrolmen Hiss OJ's Name

Jam, Solemn Shapiro Sent

Ashen Patrolmen Miss OJ

Shapiro Menses Jolt Man

OJ's Solemn, Marsha Inept

Ron Set OJ, Heisman Plasm

OJ, Him Last Manson Spree

OJ, Less Mama, Then Prison

Orenthal James Simpson

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