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You said it, JR, my chart is also the Raritan Bay from the Great Kills Point Light to just under the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge. I pulled a lot of clams out from sandbars under the tidewater on rainy days at the beach, where I had the privilege of lifeguarding and girlwatching between touch football games, also on rainy days when we didn't go clamming. What did we do with the clams? Made clam chowder, of course, in huge vats, the so-called Manhattan style, red, with tomatoes, potatoes, and all sorts of goodies. Served along with a keg of Piels under Japanese lanterns strung along posts and wires set up specially for the purpose. I'm talking Great Kills Beach Blanket Party Babylon and a lot of other good things. Police come by? That's alright officer, this fella's date happens to be the captain of the 122's daughter, come here, sweetheart, say hello to the officer. Would you like a bowl of chowder, officer? How 'bout some refreshment. No officer, we won't be here too long, and yes, we'll clean up, we work here. Have a good time.

No Problem.

That's how it's supposed to work, right? That's how it worked. The time of our lives.


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