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Heyyyyyyy Art!

Believe it or not....I was thinking along the same lines! *smile* I'd have been MORE than happy to do that! BUT! Guess what? We don't have to! *smile*

I have some more news to report!

The GOOD NEWS is that the school has already gotten a new server! (Shhhhh It's not "Connect 2" *LOL*)

The BAD NEWS is that the Faculty Advisor in charge of it all couldn't remember the new address and since they closed up their computers already for the Easter vacation...she couldn't give it to me right now which was exactly what I was afraid they were going to say... but...what can you do...right? *smile*

Anyway, There's one more bit of NEWS....and it's GOOD! *smile* The woman also said that while she can't access the computer right now, she does have the new address at home....and so... she was sweet enough to take my E-mail address so that she could send it to me! She said I could expect it sometime tonight....or early tomorrow morning! As soon as I get it...I'll post it here!

Whew! Was that a lot to say! *LOL*

Anyway, I still think your suggestion for the Alumni to get involved is a good one! (Whether they'd agree is another whole story! *smile*)

I didn't go there often, but to the best of my recollection, there wasn't much there. Maybe with some coaxing....they would give the Alumni more input! *smile*

Hey! It's worth a try! Right? Ya never know...unless you ask! *S*

O.k.! I'm off...and as I said...I'll keep you ALL posted!

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