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As a golf course, the "Lake" has been considerably shortened to speed up play (read here...get more paying customers per day through)

Some of the changes I remember: The first and 10th tees were back by the starter's shack, thus making them "blind holes". You had to send someone over to the edge of the hill to let you know when it was safe to tee off.

The fifth tee was directly behind the 4th green and its' left side was constricted by the tennis court fence. This was also a "blind" hole and I believe a child was killed there in the 50's by an errant teeshot. (rs' cousin? or someone else?)

The seventh tee was up behind the sixth green, making the hole a lot longer and tougher.

The ninth tee was alongside the road and back about 50yards, making the hole a tough dogleg to the left. Most golfers would hit a brassie or spoon off the tee, so they could have a level lie for the approach shot to the green. Many tee shots would hook over the fence and would occasionally strike automobiles.

The rough was allowed to grow on all the holes and a good caddy was worth his weight in (finding) golf balls. There were NO riding carts and few "Dykers"...people from B(expletive expunged) because they couldn't handle the hills.

In short, Silver Lake was a championship layout.

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