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I am letting all my friends know about this, and since I consider 99.9% of the people here friends, I figured I would post it here! This doesn't cost ANYTHING, that's why I put it here and not under classifieds. What follows is an excerpt of the email I have been sending ALL my friends.

Hey, how would you like to NEVER pay for long distance calls again? As long as who you're calling has a computer with a sound card and microphone, you can use the internet to call them FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! You do need to download a 3.5MB file and install it, as do any of the people you call. This software is totally FREE, as are the calls you make. You can even make calls using this program when you're NOT on the internet! It will automatically dial your ISP(which is a LOCAL call) to connect your call to ANYONE in the WORLD(as long as they have the program installed), for the price of a local call!!!! There is NO time limit on the calls you make, it has caller ID built in, it's own answering machine, AND CALL WAITING!!! If you haven't figured it out yet, I think this is a great program!!!! Check it out at the link on the bottom. The only things you need Win 95/98 , sound card, microphone, and an internet connection!!! It takes about 5 minutes to set up and then you can make all the calls you want!!! FOR FREE!!!! BTW as I said this doesn't cost ANYTHING, so obviously I'm not making any money on this. Feel free to copy this letter and send it to whoever you would like to SAVE some money. Well, here's the link, go check it out and see if I'm kidding!!! You may NEVER PAY for long distance calls again!!!!

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