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Female Urinal: The Answer To Long Lines?

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - For women fed up with long lines for the ladies' restroom, a Dutch company says it has come up with the answer: the world's first female urinal.

Bathroom equipment maker Sphinx said it was introducing the "Lady P"- a unit made up of a ceramic pot, a frosted partition wall, space for a toilet paper dispenser and disposal unit as well as storage for handbags and jackets.

"Lady P is aimed at the modern, self confident woman. Thanks to Lady P, women can now pee in a comfortable, hygienic and quick way," the firm said in a statement.

It expects the urinal to be installed in public places such as airports, stations, concert halls, congress and shopping centers as well as roadside restaurants.

Designer Marian Loth created the "Lady P," which has been put forward for two European design awards, after a huge line forced a female friend to use the men's toilet.

She said subsequent research showed that women usually found public toilets disgusting.

"Because women often find public toilets dirty, they have a fear of sitting and most squat over the seat," Loth said in a Sphinx statement. "This was the starting point."

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