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Your welcome! I didn't really go into detail before, but there are a few improvements. The biggest and best being that it's interface is almost exactly like IE4.x! So the only thing to learn is the new features. Another good thing is the favorites dropdown menu is now quicker and the add and organize options no longer scroll. BTW if you try to download it from Windows Update it will take you forever -- IF you can even get it from there. The way I got it, quickly no less, was by going to:
There's a banner at the top to get it. The only drawback with getting it this way, is that the banner bar on the browser(the top bar that says what web site you're on) says "provided by MSN" after the web address! Other than that, there is NO difference. You can also get it at: OR
But I have been told that they are both VERY slow, and when you have to download almost 18MB that can take awhile!!!

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