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I got the newest version of IE a few days ago, and just thought I would offer a review of how it works.
Well, I happen to think that the "upgrade" in this case is well worth the time and disk space required(17.8MB in my case). The worst thing that I have found so far is some of the changes made to Outlook Express(you can still use the old version or any other mail client you wish). The best new feature I have found is a new button on the toolbar marked "related"(no it doesn't go to Netscrape)! When you visit a web site and click this new button, you get a small box on your left side of the screen with links to all kinds of related sites! If you do research(like me) or go to the same type of web sites continually, all ya gotta do is click!! I tried it with this site and got an almost immediate response of 11 links!!! So if you're interested in it I would give the new version, on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being best), I would give IE5 a solid 8 !!!(and I'm real cheap when it comes to rating!!) Oh, before anyone whines about MS, I'm not an employee, nor do I get anything for telling you this, and while I don't approve of SOME of the company's tactics and software, I felt I would let you all know how a new product works.
Besides if ya got something to say about MS, make better software than they do, then you'll have something to say, otherwise, DON'T WHINE!!!!

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