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On 3/24/99 7:00:52 PM, rs wrote:
>I believe in self-defense of
>me and us.

Depends on who you call US!!!

>I even believe in hitting back
>first when necessary.

Ya can't hit back if ya ain't been hit yet!!! LOL

>I don't mind our assuming the
>role of participant in being
>the world cop; not alone, mind
>you, for that will breed more
>arrogance than we can afford,
>but with a group like the U.N.
>or NATO, such as now.

I mind the fact that even ONE American risks his life for people that couldn't care less about us, nor is anyone over there doing anything to harm US!!!

>I just don't think this effort
>is going to be as casualty
>light as our armed forces
>received in Desert Storm
>'cause I think these dudes
>have a lot of anti-aircraft

Again, ONE American casualty is too much!!!

>This is why the world and
>everyone in it needs a good
>cop, hopefully one of the good
>guys, like us, at our best.
>That's important to say,
>because when we're not at our
>best it's hard to tell us from
>some of the other jerks. It's
>hard to be at your moral best
>when people are shooting at

It is not our place to have to be the neighborhood watch for people that have no use for US, unless it's to ask for money, or blame the U.S. for whatever their problems are!!!
Who do you think controls NATO and the UN? WE DO!!!! In WWII there was no question as to why are we fighting, there was a madman trying to take over the world! We had NO reason to lose American lives in Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Uganda, and now Yugoslavia. In all of these incidents, it was a matter of CIVIL WAR! We went through ours everybody else will go through theirs! We will probably go through another one too. It is a basic cycle of life, when there is more than one person(or animal) in one place, nature is that the stronger will take on the weaker, just to prove that they can.
Don't get me wrong, I was in the Army, and I LOVE THIS COUNTRY. I would give my life for THIS Country in a second, but I would NOT give it for any other, nor should ANY American HAVE to!!!

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