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Your sage information really does help me. My relationship with Ivanko took place before I met other Yugoslavian scientists. Several years after Ivanko went back to Yugoslavia two scientists (one a Serb and the other a Croat) came to our institute to work up some viruses that were believed to be associated with an epidemic that occurred in Saryevo. They were good friends and we all enjoyed our light hearted conversations. One of them was married to a muslim.

Then Yugoslavia split apart. We would occasionally see each of these scientists at meetings or upon visits to the institute. I was amazed at how easily they yielded to regarding themselves categorically, i.e. as a Serb or a Croat. We had seen them as friends, but the political break up in their country released ethnic animosities that poisoned the collegiality we had seen previously.

One of the two had an even more problematic difficulty. Being married to a muslim, she could never go back to Belgrade. Her own family would try to kill her husband.

I just found it too difficult to understand. I appreciate the scholarly and compassionate response you provided. It eases my pain somewhat, but I still worry about Ivanko and his family.

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