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A couple of years ago, we befriended a Serbian family who were political refugees here in Stuttgart. A mother and two children. They had fled the Milosevic regime because they were persecuted for defending the rights of the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. (although they themselves were Serbs).

Their greatest fear was being deported back to Serbia (Novi Sad...a city 100km's north of Belgrade). It turned out that Milosevic was drafting kids from 16 and up to serve in the "ethnic cleansing" campaign that was then taking place in Bosnia. Since the son had just turned 16, he would've been inducted.

The hell of it was, these people were not considered "true political refugees" because they were Serbs, not Croats or
Albanians and the German government was taking steps to have them deported.

We contacted the (now) American pharmaceutical millionaire, Milos Panic and asked if he could help...since he had been active in Serbian politics and had run against Milosevic in the presidential elections. He replied with a long winded letter basically stating that he could not help...why didn't these people support him in the election?

The sad thing is, this family and many others like them are still sitting in purgatory...wanting to go home, but afraid of what will happen when they get there.

I don't know what the answer is, but like rs, I really don't want to turn on the TV this morning and listen to our intrepid CNN reporters describe the bombing raids.

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