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Thanks for the informative answer, Art. Let me see what I think I believe, now. This is called talking to see what I think. Smart people think first, but wotthehell.

I believe in self-defense of me and us.

I even believe in hitting back first when necessary. Pre-emptive strike is the fancy label for this. Think we did this by bombing Hanoi one time. Israel took out, what was it, a Pakistani nuclear reactor that was abuilding some time ago. Mighta been a Saddam project, don'r recall. Three cheers for that good pre-emptive strike.

I don't mind our assuming the role of participant in being the world cop; not alone, mind you, for that will breed more arrogance than we can afford, but with a group like the U.N. or NATO, such as now.

I haven't turned on the radio or tv because I'm not looking forward to hearing about what I think we're going to do to the Serbs, some of whom richly deserve what Milosevic and his crew are going to get.

I just don't think this effort is going to be as casualty light as our armed forces received in Desert Storm 'cause I think these dudes have a lot of anti-aircraft missiles.

These Balkans never learn, and neither do those who get involved there. We're picking up the remnants of the Ottoman Empire, someone remarked. Not to mention WWI and the Archduke that we all learned about in the NYC public schools in order to pass the Regents Exams.

My mind changed fast when I heard the Serbs herded up over 6,000 men in the protected enclave of Srebenica several years ago. Never to be seen alive again. Fathers and sons. Massacred.

This is why the world and everyone in it needs a good cop, hopefully one of the good guys, like us, at our best.
That's important to say, because when we're not at our best it's hard to tell us from some of the other jerks. It's hard to be at your moral best when people are shooting at you.

We (the U.S.) do seem to be keepers of the flame when it comes to humanitarian ideals, and we do return to a good center after we go astray from time to time.

It's always a tug of war, isn't it?

I hope we make a beneficial difference in Serbia, or there's going to be another huge bloodbath.


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