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I wanna joyne da StatNislander moofie troop.

As the diabolical Dr. Sunderson, whose patent ran out on the Kake Yanque Jelly (that wonderful slippery goo made from Klaxton Fruit Cakes), I have come up with a retrovirus that can reverse the process of aging.

Rather than just restoring the vibrant youth of young adulthood that we all desire, this virus will bring folks back to an age younger than your average 4th grader.

My new product may put mental institutions out of saturating their resources. Those remaining as Adults will go crazy as the population of juveniles increases to catastrophic levels.

People will line up to submit themselves to the virus just to escape responsibility for all the TV-blitzed kids. The only way to escape will be by becoming a kid themselves.

Only rs, DBLIVIT, OT, Margie, Gina, Liza, Gloria, MadameT, and maybe also JR & Dadoo, will be spared this transformation and remain "Adult".....someone has to do it!


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