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Way far North in the Nuthern provinces lived that flaxen lad, Count Ed Crosstitch.

He earned quite a reputation by piercing brave men of the Hardanger cloth. Count Ed Crosstitch made bell pulls and samplers out of the Hargangers.

His many knits were always linen the weavers of Hardanger up while Count Ed tapestried around with their bobbins. When there was no thread to his tail, he carded and spun another out of the fibers and floss of the land.

Count Ed always had a hard time threading his arch enemy Burr Lapp. Burr used to needle him where his warp and woof hurt most. Then with a bone as sharp as a quill, Burr Lapp pierced Count Ed Crosstitch.

It was most crewel of Burr Lapp to cross stitch Count Ed’s fabric with long yarns going this way and that.

You would think that Ed could bargello outta there but his feet were tacked to the tabriz. Oh would there were a seamstress to liberate him with her pinking shears.

Alas, he became one of many to hang as a tapestry to men who needlessly spin yarns.

As ye sew so shall ye darn. Is this thimbolic?

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