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Doo Wop and the Staten Island Connection Ken Parese PoTown On 8/27/2001 06:49:00 PM, GLYDER wrote:
>could it be the crests --which
>had a few islanders including
>lead 'Johnny Maestro' ?
>Bob k.

Bob K:

Johnny (Mastrangelo) Maestro was from Brooklyn and, in 1957, was living in the Brooklyn Bridge Projects which were on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Not certain if he ever lived on SI.

Harrold Torres and Talmadge (Tommy) Gough were both from Staten Island. (They were replaced in 1960, the same year as Jay Carter from Brooklyn.)

The Crests used to spend weekends at Tompkinsville Pool in the summer, singing on the hot sundeck..pre-"16 Candles" days.

By 1957, they had released two NY doo wop hits..."Sweetest One" and "My Juanita".

I'll bet DBlivit was on that sundeck during those hot days. :)

Johnny Maestro is one of the all-time power lead singers and is still touring with his group of 32 years, The Brooklyn Bridge ("The Worst That Could Happen").

KP in PK

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