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CROC FESTIVAL Frank Alliss frog Hi all,Just thought I would tell you about the croc festival we just had here in Tom Price yesterday.
They get all the kids from all over the Pilbara and bring them to Tom Price and hold a three day get together where they learn all about each other and their communities.

They also learn about the downside of drugs and alchol and how to get on with each other by working in a team enviroment together.

They come from as far away as the western desert and also from coastal communities like port hedland and karratha.
We had 700 kids visiting our town and their teachers and parents plus all the kids from our own town probably a minimum of another 1300 kids.

Our average age in Tom Price is 10 years old,we only had one tv station broadcasting into here.

Last night we had the concert put on by the kids and it ranged from minning companys to work with the enviroment and help it to get better, to reconciliation between Aboriginal people and white people,it certainly made you think a lot when it come from the voices of the kids in the communities.

Us adults could learn a lot from them by listening to what they got to say.
The night ended in a big fireworks display put on by the minning company which all the kids loved ,especially the ones from the remote settlements who have never seen them before.

The whole festival was sponsered by goverment departments and several minning companys including the one here.

Well thats whats hapening here in TP at the moment the weather is cool and calm about 25c in the day and down to 3c at night which is cold for us.
bye for now,Frog

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