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Who Are The Real Barbarians? Charles Schleininger corsair The town of Hanford began as a railroad
town back when the west was the west. If
you go 20 miles west from here you will
find a monument to one of the last big
gun fights in the west between the
railroad hired hands & local farmers.
Eastern Hanford has China Alley. It got it's
name from the thousands of Chinese
labors who were brought in to build the
railroads. There were opium dens, a red
light district. Jump ahead a few years &
you can find a photograph of a KKK rally
in downtown. Funny none of the locals
had an ancestors who was there.

Jump to 2001. Migrant workers from
Mexico working the large corporate farms;
The largest methane bust in the state;
three houses on 9th street just came to
light, a few days ago in Currethers - 15
miles north of here a shoot out between
unknown parties & the CHP.

Seems like the more things change the
more they don't. Just a different cast of

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