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RAW MEAT FOR DA BARBARIANS George Jaenicke grjaenicke Todays NY Post reported that heads rolled at the 72nd Precinct yesterday amid revelations that DWI cop Joseph Gray began his booze binge at a twice-a-month beer bash in an NYPD parking lot with fellow officers and supervisors.
Seventeen cops - including the precinct commander - were transferred, suspended or placed on modified duty "to send a very clear message that drinking and being a police officer is a very dangerous combination," Mayor Giuliani said.

The discipline was meted out after probers learned that before he mowed down a young family, Gray was partying with his graveyard-shift colleagues on police property and at the Wild Wild West strip club.

As part of the shakeup:

* Capt. Thomas DePrisco, his executive officer and the integrity-control officer were transferred out of the Sunset Park precinct.

* Two sergeants in supervisory roles on the day shift were transferred.

* Two sergeants who allegedly took part in the parking-lot drinking session - one of whom also visited the off-limits topless joint - were suspended.

* Three officers, believed to have visited the "corruption-prone" strip club, were suspended.

* Seven officers who allegedly downed beers in the parking lot were "modified" or stripped of their guns and badges.

The article went on to say that the "blue wall of silence" was not there as the officers participated freely in the investigation.

It looks like the police comissioner & the mayor took the bull by the horns in this one.


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