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USS Turner Memorial John Ritter JR I found this:

I was a crewmember of the USS Turner DD648 as a BKR2/c . The ship was at anchor just outside the submarine net that protected New York Harbor. The crew was eating breakfast and I was just coming up the ladder from the mess decks. Then a major explosion occurred which threw me up against the bulkhead. I couldn't hear for a good time after that and I also couldn't see anything. All my clothes and hair had been burnt off and now I had to try to get out onto the main deck. I was badly burnt but still tried to find my way out. The steel inside the ship was red hot and the hatch I tried to get out of was buckled from the explosion. I kept feeling around for ways to get out and finally felt cold air from the snow outside. Not being able to see, I headed towards the cold feeling and passed out outside a hatch. Next thing I knew, a snipe put a life jacket on me and threw me over the side. A motor whaleboat from the Destroyer Escort, Inch, picked me and a few other fellows up and brought us to their ship. I was very seriously injured and in the hospital for a great amount of time.

John MacDonald BKR2/c
USS Turner DD648


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