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LWOP from the eyes of a corrections officers wife Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Y'got me there, CG. I'm sure I don't have the answer to
THAT question.

What I'm equally sure about is that there's no SINGLE good
answer. DP isn't the answer in all cases, and I guess LWOP
isn't either.

Given a choice, however, I'd just as soon not have to deal
with the death penalty. It distorts law and politics way
too much for the good of either. People run for election,
and attack candidates, based on their willingness to kill.

The DP is also way too much responsibility for the attorney
who's trying to save someone's life because that's what he
or she believes in. Or even if the attorney favors the
death penalty, just not in this case, it's still too much

Jurors are sometimes said to reflect in their verdict who
they think had the better attorney. Defense attorneys have
the reputation generally of not being among the best. How
would you like to lose a client to the gas chamber or a
lethal injection thinking if only you'd done something

In California they require TWO attorneys to represent
someone in a death penalty proceeding.

Hell, even the judges have a problem with it. I know of onw
who had to take a stiff shot of whiskey before he could
pronounce a death penalty on a guy who by most accounts
really deserved it.

There's a difference between kicking it around as we do here
and actually DOING it.

Good of you to grab the spoon, CG, you're all right.


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