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LWOP from the eyes of a corrections officers wife Richard Ladieu rich ladieu countrygirl,

you did a much better job then i ever could have done with this post and string. thank you and please thank your husband for being willing to take on the job he has.

i have met and spoken with many a federal prision guard. i met these men and women while attending the union conventions in la and chicago.

these guys are hard working and all they want is to be able to do their jobs.

they have told me and others the horror stories that go on behind prison walls.

this does not mean that there aren't some prison guards who are corrupt and do beat prisoners. in fact there was a recent case down here in virginia, i believe lorton before it closed, in which a couple of prison guards were found guilty of abusing prisoners.

guess what, they got jailed, but in another prison for protection purposes.

the few do not make the whole wrong, something i have been trying to get across on this site for some time. but the few make it bad for the whole (group) because their wrong doings stand out. that is unfortunate.

tks again


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