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ONWARD AND UPWARD, THE DP, CONTINUED Richard Ladieu rich ladieu rs,

evidently you do not read my posts in their entirety or wish to consider what i am trying to say in my posts.

i do not condemn all lawyers because of a few. i do not condemn all politicans because of a few.

i do not condemn all liberals because of a few and same thing for conservatives.

i point out that there are these few i do condemn and they are the ones that give the entire group a bad rap.

try not interpreting my words to fit your slant.

you don't wanna joust with me, fine. that's ok. i'll still read your stuff and response. if you like what i say, good, if not good too.

and if you want to pick on graduates from the mount or the mohawk nation, thats ok with me. been there had it done to me and still surviving.....

so come on ol boy --- keep tweaking me if ya like. i'll tweak ya back. its ok. that's what family is all about.....


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