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Going Home C Connelly mcgil Went home to the Island this weekend. As soon as I crossed the Bayonne Bridge, there was a feeling of peace that came over me -- I was home.

Friday night we went to a SI Yankees game. Amazing stadium. From the outside it reminds me of a NYC institutional building -- in fact, at first, I thought it was either a bus garage or some kind of school. But once you get inside, it is unbelievable. As dusk fell and it started to get dark, the NY skyline starts to be a better show than the game. The Yankee's won and it was a great experience.

I'm really impressed at how they're starting to clean-up the Terrace and the waterfront there. The promenade is lovely and there were so many people "promenading." A lot of the houses have been fixed up and it's starting to look really nice. What really depressed me was the other side of the ferry, on Bay Street. Between the ferry and Victory Blvd, it is really a mess, I hope they get around to cleaning that up soon. It used to be such a busy place.

I'm a north shore gal, so most of my time was spent in West Brighton and Westerleigh. I have to say that driving though both areas and through Clove Lakes Park at this time of year is great. The old trees are in full bloom and the old houses are being kept up. You can tell that the people who live there now really care about their neighborhoods and the old houses.

Saturday night we went down the shore, and coming home yesterday afternoon we had to do some errands on the south shore. What a difference a few miles makes. I understand why many of you who come from the south shore don't want to go home again. With the little of the south shore "before the bridge" that I remember, I wouldn't either.

Gina mentioned her son going to Nunzio's. Before I left the Island last night, I picked up 2 large sausage & pepperoni pies from Pal Joey's (and had a couple of slices while they cooked). When I go home last night around ten thirty, my husband & sons were waiting and the first pie was gone in minutes. I'm sitting here as I write this eating my pizza lunch. Ah, life is good!


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