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Gina, my dear, I agree with alot of what you say -- I just feel that with his term coming to an end in November anyway, this is all just a whole lot of grandstanding by the republicans. Punish him yes, but lets get on with it. You're right, morals in this country aren't what they used to be, but WE have the power to elect. Let's actually do some reading and research before casting our vote. I know too many people who go to the voting booth and vote strict party lines, or just do "eeny, meeny, miny, mo". We should get to know our candidates as best we can. And you know, even then there is no guarantee -- its an imperfect system, but its still the best one around.

And you know, Gina, the REAL problem is that well, he IS, after all, a MAN! No offense guys, but let's face it, most (not all) men are dogs and are not always thinking with the organ located on their shoulders.

By the way -- I LOVE Al Gore!! My reference was to Dan Quayle NOT Mr. Gore.

Madame T

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