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Back to the Death Penalty Again Richard Ladieu rich ladieu rs,

first i don't have all the paticulars in the case. only what the papers are reporting.

from what i have read and heard on various news media, she was supposed to be under medication. my understanding she was taken off this medicine.

if she has a physco problem that can be controlled by medicine and she was taken off that medicine, then she, in my opinion, is not guilty of premedicated murder as she now appears.

each murder case has to be tried individually looking at all of the evidence, thus the dp is not used as a blanket for all murder trials....

now, if you had asked me would i push the button on a guy like mcveigh --- you bet. and i would not loose any sleep over it either...

i don't consider myself a barbarian either.

lets look at the two youths recently convicted in florida for murder. both teenagers. both received life sentences. they got them only because of their age.

personally i think 25 years without parole would have been sufficient as a punishment, not life. and again, while they are in jail, they should have the opportunity to finish their high schooling and get training on a trade.

does this explain myself a wee bit more for you???


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