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When Willie came to, he found himself on a bed in the emergency room of St. Vincent's hospital. The kids who had been playing hockey panicked when they saw him lying unconscious on the ice and split. One of the priests from St. Francis seminary was taking a meditation walk around the stations of the cross that encircled the pond and saw Willie lying on the ice. The good father made Willie as comfortable as possible and then went back to the seminary and called for an ambulance out of St. Vincent's.

A nun came by and changed the compress on Willie's forehead. She looked at him and said: "You look very familiar to me, are you from West New Brighton?" Trying to stifle the anxiety that rose in him (he figured she saw his picture and the jail break story in the SI Retreat), Willie answered he was not from around here and the nun believed him...he didn't speak with a SI accent.

As soon as there was no one in the room, Willie peeked out the door and made his way along the corridor to a flight of stairs leading down to the boiler room. He found a set of coveralls left by the off-shift stationary engineer and donned them. Looking out the back door towards the tennis court used by the St. Vincent's doctors, he determined the coast was clear. Traipsing through the snow around the back of the hospital, he was startled when he saw a 120th Pct. Cruiser pull up in the gravel next to the tennis court. He ducked around the far corner and almost tripped over the Greenman and a bunch of kids dragging Christmas trees.

The Greenman was also startled by Willie, but asked him in a whisper if there was a green&white cruiser around the corner. Willie nodded in the affirmative and the Greenman stomped his foot in the hell were they going to get the trees up to Deadman's hill at Silver Lake if the bulls were lurking about? They had collected enough trees from the surrounding neighborhood to light off the biggest post-Christmas bonfire on the North Shore in history...and the now the bulls were right on top of their stash!

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