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DEATH PENALTY, CHINA, AND UPLIFTING DA HUMAN SPIRI Thomas Perillo Jr. TOMDGIMP On 7/1/2001 07:10:00 AM, FawCawnahs wrote:
>Just as I wuz beginning to
>think, "Here's another guy
>opinion I can take for what
>it's worth," and move on to
>bigger and better things, he
>tells me he's really a lot
>subtle than the blunt-club he
>portrays himself as.
***Well rs, you know what is said about opinions right? "Opinions are like a$$holes, everybody's got one, and they ALL stink".
In all fairness, at times I can and have been a "blunt-club", but if you haven't noticed, lately I've been allowing myself to be insulted without really fighting back or getting mad. This is the kinder, gentler me. I figured since I do seem to butt heads with some people here, I would start giving more leeway.
I know some of my opinions are not the "popular" ones on this site, but that's okay. That's what America is all about. All I ask from anyone is to be respectful to me. Disagree all you want with me - I love it, but get insulting, and I (like anyone else) WILL get angry.

>So, TDG, what IS your position
>on the idea of
>proportionality in punishment?
***My position? You actually WANT to hear my opinion?
Of course there needs to be some sort of way to make the punishment fit the crime, but the problem is what kind of punishment? Prisons do NOT work. Or at least the current prison structure in this Country doesn't. I can think of many ways that the prison system can be reformed, and for each reform, I can think of ways that those same reforms can be useless.
The criminals sentenced to time in prison NEED to do HARD time, so that they will NEVER want to come back.
I believe that if you are a murderer (cold blooded, not accidental), you should die. Period. But now what is cold blooded? If you were to harm me or my family, and I came back a week later and killed you, the law sees this as premeditated, I see it as justice, and something that would HAVE to be done as a matter of honor.
This conversation can go on forever since not everyone is brought up the same, or with the same values (or lack thereof). So what you may consider barbaric, may just be SOP to me, or vice versa. That does NOT make you or me wrong, it just means that we reflect our upbringing and it's surroundings.

>PS I erred for suggesting
>that you in ANY WAY resembled
>a barbarian and duly apologize
>both for the
>mischaracterization AND for
>twitting the post-er instead
>of the post-ing.
***No problem, I hold no grudges over words.

>BTW: DO you have some special
>life experience that gives
>you some greater insight into
>crime and punishment?

***Yes. I do not wish to really "qualify" what and why they are because this is an open forum to the world, and as I said before, some things ARE personal.
Will it be enough to say that I have been in the company of MANY criminals of almost every persuasion, and that I have watched people die right in front of me?

>Dante, in his Inferno, had an
>answer for the question of
>establishing punishments that
>fit the crime. He invented
>the Nine Circles of Hell, into
>which he put his various
>miscreants according to the
>gravity of their sin and the
>severity of the punishment he
>felt they deserved.
>I think he was on to
>something. Maybe there wuz a
>reason he
>called his work "The Divine
>Sometimes it's hard to see the
>tongue when it's so carefully
>hidden in the cheek.

***Yes, and Dante and his work has been and probably will continue to be greatly undervalued, and misunderstood.
Kinda like someone I know. =o)

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