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Jimmy Breslin and the McVeigh Execution Thomas Perillo Jr. TOMDGIMP On 6/22/2001 11:28:00 PM, FawCawnahs wrote:
>Countrygirl, feeling slighted,
>personalized the debate,
>instead of dealing with what
>might be the facts one way or
>the other, and set forth her
>own personal bona fides, i.e.,
>that people in her family have
>been prison officers for
>generations and she's heard
>all the war stories, at least
>from the official side.
>She then attacks Da Gimp
>personally as though he were a
>felon on the loose to whom she
>will not deign to speak
>because he appears to be so
>accurate, apparently.
>I'm expectin' Da Gimp to be
>pissed mightily and to reply
>I would ask him not to do so.
****Okay, here we go! I am answering your post RS rather than return fire at anyone that does not seem to understand what I meant.
First off, my post was tongue in cheek (partially), due to the fact that as you said some people like to think being in prison is sweetness and light. I did not attack CG or anyone else nor was it my intention.
The fact STILL remains that it doesn't matter if you are the warden of the biggest and most dangerous prison in the world, you STILL don't know what it's like to be BEHIND the bars. When you are a guard or other "administrator", you have the power, when you are in a cell, the power is everyone's BUT yours. If some people can't understand this then there isn't much to say.
The YOU references I made in the post were for a reason. Not to "antagonize and attack", but to show that if it's so wonderful in prison, why isn't everyone there, and I assumed (I know) that CG was speaking (typing) about that which she does not know about. Her answer confirmed my assumption, since she admittedly has NOT been behind bars, and is basing her comments on the people that are in FRONT of the bars.
I am not "mightily" pissed at her, I do not get pissed needlessly. I seem to be able to do nothing right in CG's eyes, EVER, so I wouldn't bother arguing with her. (remember the website incident, and others?)
She accuses ME of attacking people that don't agree with my POV, but this is the third time SHE has attacked me over HER difference of opinion with me (go back and check the archives, I'll wait).
Last but not least, her idiotic (sorry) post asking what, where and when, I did or did not serve time shows just how asinine (sorry again) some people truly are. That is no one's business but my own.

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