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Jimmy Breslin and the McVeigh Execution C Connelly mcgil On 6/20/2001 08:12:00 AM, MadameT wrote:
>I think that if we are going
>to do away with the death
>penalty, we need to make life
>in prison less "cushy". I
>don't think individuals
>convicted of violent crimes
>should be encouraged to do
>weight training and build up
>their muscles. I think the
>fact that they have cable TV
>is outrageous -- I know people
>who work for a living who
>don't have cable because of
>the expense. As long as the
>food is prepared under proper
>conditions and covers all the
>food groups, they should have
>no right to complain. They
>should have to earn the right
>(i.e., through good behavior)
>to read a book, receive
>visitors, watch TV, and enjoy
>recreational activities. And
>if the jails are getting too
>crowded and they have to
>squeeze 3, 4, 5 people in a
>cell -- tough.

Good post, I totally agree.


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