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You're Not Kidding! Thomas Perillo Jr. TOMDGIMP On 6/18/2001 11:18:00 AM, FawCawnahs wrote:
>You say you can state your positions
>with strong opinions
>(I'm guessing you mean reasons, not
>opinions, as positions
>are supported with reasons, not
>opinions), and you recognize
>that resorting to personal attack or
>insult is something
>other than reason, making it hopeless to
>try to have an
>intelligent discussion.

****Well rs, I did mean what I said, I just didn't say what I meant! =o) See, to expand on what I meant to say was that while I DO have strong opinions about my positions (which do come from what I perceive to be valid reasons), I do have an open mind, and are more than happy to listen to anyone else's opinion. I have been involved in a few uh... heated debates, which unfortunately digressed into personal attacks, but I do believe that to the best of my memory to have never used a personal attack except in retaliation of one (and notice I let the above one slide). I can usually get my point across without resorting to the tactics needed by those that do not have the skill to debate.

>So now you're in the reason business and
>we're gonna hold
>you to it.

***One thing I can truly say that I have a skill at is playing Devil's advocate. I can argue either side of ANY issue that interests me, AND I can give you reasons for either position.

>Incidentally, I was impressed with your
>statement of reasons
>why you became unhappy with the Catholic
>Church. That sort
>of thing has driven more than one person
>away, and not just
>from that church. Martin Luther listed
>95 such abuses and
>nailed them to the church door, come to
>think of it.
>Started a revolution. So you're in good

***Thank you. I only gave the main points of what happened, because as I said it was a very LOOOOONG story that took months to reach a conclusion. There was a whole lot left out. But hey, life goes on!
I have thought of starting my own religion (anybody like kool-aid?), for regular people based on just the love of God, no hell and damnation, or any of that crap, but I figured I don't have the ...uh correct attitude to preach peace and love! =o)

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