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Marguerite-----SI Circle Cruise Big Paul BigPaul If you guys are in then so am I. Here is the response I got from the guy running the cruise-------

Glad my message is working!

I have hosted about a dozen historical cruises in the past five years.
Just ran one last week.

I do not own any boats. I consider myself an amateur historian. I charter
the boat and try to fill it up. I have a personal mailing list of a few
hundred people and every event I host usually sells out. I've been
written up in the NY Times and NY Newsday.

I have sailed down Arthur Kill a few times. It is either very interesting
or very dull. It depends on what you want to see.

When we got to Howland Hook last Sunday everybody was asking me to
continue down Arthur Kill, but I didn't have enough time. So I am
scheduling this circle trip for Oct. 21 to please everybody. The weather
is usually perfect that weekend.

Details have not been worked out yet. Fare is always $50. The boat is
extremely comfortable. Boarding is easy. The boat is a few steps from the
M42 crosstown bus. Parking is available but expensive! Chairs and tables
are provided on board. Ship is enclosed and runs in any weather. Light
snacks are available but I advise everybody to bring their own lunch.
Insurance coverage is provided by the boat charter corporation.

More info to follow soon. I will keep you on my mailing list.

Bernard Ente
Maspeth NY

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