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I think the one in Great Kills was on Gifford's Lane at the
North East end of the SIRT station. The name escapes me but seems to be something like the Stadium and I think both houses were alike inside with ground floor seating ands a small balcony. One of my dreams as a kid was to have a theater in my house when I grew up. I saw something like this on TV as a kid, when I lived on Staten Island. The show
was a special about some actor's home in Hollywood and showed a private showing room for movies. In our generation this has been replaced by Large Screen TV's and VCR's. If we had that technology in my day as a kid I wonder how many tapes I would have of Annette with the big "ears" growing up or the complete set of the serial of the elephant burial grounds TV show from the 50's? Anyone remember anything I'm rambling about here?

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