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Maybe it would be good if we all remembered that we're all Staten Islanders. Wasn't it a hotbed of Tories during the Revolution, and isn't it still the most conservative of the boroughs? We may be a little bit slanted.

One thing I wonder about is what any of this stuff going on down here in my current home town has to do with "The Office of the Presidency." It has to do with Mr. Clinton alone, and nothing at all to do with the office. How can anybody dishonor an office? U.S. Grant, the poor dupe, couldn't do it; Warren Harding couldn't do it; RMN couldn't do it. Bill Clinton can't do it. "The Office of the Presidency," it seems to me, is an ideal that remains untouched by any monkey business going on in the Oval Office.

Is that a little too Platonic, maybe? Well, why can't we all admit that there were legions of people out for Clinton's blood on the day of his first inauguration? Bob Dole was one of them; on the day that Clinton was inaugurated, Senator Dole announced that the President had better watch out because he, Mr. Dole, would be keeping an eye on him. On the morning that the House began its impeachment hearings, BEFORE THE HEARINGS HAD EVEN BEGUN, Rep. Hyde revealed on TV that he was going to try to be as fair as possible, always mindful of the fact that "We, after all, are the majority." Mr Hyde himself set up the us-against-them theme of the proceedings right there.

Jim Donnelly
Staten Island native, and a shanty Irish Catholic Franklin D. Roosevelt Democrat, who loves the idea of having the heavy hand of big government pressing squarely upon my back.

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