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The Big Flood Stanley J. Singer sjsinger From Tuesday thru today Houston has suffered the greatest flood in its history. Some areas received 30 inches of rain in a few hours. Interstate 10 (California to Florida) was under 10 feet of water, with 18 wheelers submerged to their tops. A minimum of 10,000 home s and their furnishings have been lost, to date seven lives have been lost. Downtown Houston is covered with 3-5 feet of Water and the underground restaurants and business have been lost.

Rescue has been by Chopper, boat and large highwater vehicles supplied by the National Guard. The Coast Guard Choppers have rescued hundred of people.

The cooperation among its citizens has been enormous for the most part. Some Young Mexican men looted a Budweiser 18 wheeler broke into it and stole the beer while the truck was under 10 feet of water on the highway. Some black youths looted a closed Video block Buster store. To date this is about the only criminal activity reported.

I was asked despite my age to help coordinate the rescue activities among the police, fire department, sherrif's offices, National Guard, Coast Guard and civilian activity.

One group of 200 families living on a bayou could not speak English would not be rescued although their trailor park was under 10 feet of water. They feared going back to Mexico and thought we were connected to the INS. We were unable to get an Mexican Youth to help us with translation (for the same reason) and finally got a young high school girl to go in the boat. The girl took spanish in high school and using her limited knowledge , sign language and persuasion we finally got them into boats.

Its has been a harrowing experience. My home was high and dry.

Neighbor helping Neighbor was highly evident.

Stan Singer

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