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Providing a parking lot where people can sin Ken Parese PoTown On 6/8/2001 10:41:00 AM, neal wrote:
>Two men shot in the parking
>lot of a Florida Ramada Inn
>while they were allegedly
>conducting a drug deal are
>suing the hotel for $1.7
>million. A Miami Herald
>editorial notes that
>Miami-Dade Circuit Judge
>Celeste Muir "excluded all
>evidence of the suspected drug
>deal--including the previous
>drug conviction of one of the
>men suing, an electronic scale
>and $38,000 in cash found at
>the scene." A jury found in
>favor of the plaintiffs. But
>an appeals court pointed out
>that "Florida law does not
>allow people injured while
>engaged in criminal acts to
>recover damages." We read
>about the case on

Justice in this matter is blind, deaf and dumb!!

This is one of the many reasons why this writer feels that, under today's political and social climate, fewer and fewer lawyers should be at the helm in local, state, and national elective offices.

KP in PK

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