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no topic Stanley J. Singer sjsinger I don't believe the original post that started this string.

I don't believe Metzenbaum said that.

I don't believe Glenn said that.

The thing is unattributed.

It's a quote with no source.

It's too pat.

It sounds like right-wing propaganda.

I don't buy it.

Prove it.

My first reaction to "rs" was to ignore him but then I became incensed at the remarks made which included a charge that I was a right wing propagandist whose posts are purely fictional.

The remarks made by John Glenn were made in October 1974 at the City Club in Cleveland, Ohio before the annual meeting of the Ohio Gold Star Mothers. It was made in a debate between Glenn and Metzenbaum while both were running for the Senate. Glenn was the successful candidate.

When I post anything on these pages, it is not idle chatter or propaganda. It was initiated because it is my feeling that in 1960, 1974 and still in 2001 our Congress composed of 95% of people who had never served in the armed forces know nothing of the military, its requirements or its functions. Our military which has been downsized in every aspect, training, equipment, manpower etc. is subjected to the greatest scattered deployment ever.

It has been stated on these pages that this country is immune from attack. I thought so too when I visited the Japanese Embassy in November of 1941 preparing a thesis on Trade with Japan. Was I wrong!

Stan Singer

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